Data processing for transport monitoring and supply chain control

The data, generated during the field tests, was collected on a server by the project partner SEEBURGER. Two different telematics units from OHB Teledata and Schmitz Cargobull Telematics were used to transfer temperature, position and food quality data to the server. An email notification was sent to the transport operator, when a parameter deviated from the allowed range. Alternatively, authorized cold chain partners were able to log in to a web-interface to directly query product status and sensor data.

A tablet PC App, developed by OTARIS enabled access to sensor data directly from a loading ramp during cold chain processing. The actual quality status of the product was displayed by a traffic light indicator.

In our current field tests, the system for remote quality monitoring was only used to inform the operator. But in the future, the data will also be used for the automated control of cold chain processes. The concept of dynamic FEFO was converted by BIBA to a new control method. The method for ‘quality based distribution logistics’ used the data provided by the intelligent container to calculate a forecast of product quality. The quality forecast will be matched with transport times and customer expectations. Distribution is organised in a way that products are not only at the right place at the right time, but also in the right quality. The concept was verified in simulation studies [1,2].

Relevant publications

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