< Applikation des FEFO Prinzips in der Industrie
2018/03/07 13:05 Age 160 Days

New FEFO applications in industry

Sorting by actual quality at distribution centers

The FEFO Principle (First-expires First-out) is one of the key concepts of the ‘Intelligent Container’. Sensors are monitoring the remaining shelf life of fresh products. The distribution of food products is re-organized in a way that items with low remaining shelf life are delivered firstly, leading to a significant reduction of quality-related losses in the supply chain.

Two new applications of the FEFO principle have emerged recently:

Walmart announced a new system called ‘Eden’. The freshness factor is recalculated during transport and in distribution centers. If a critical change in quality is detected, the shipment is re-routed immediately. Walmart’s goal is to eliminate $2 billion on waste over the next five years.

Verigo presented a new generation of Bluetooth data loggers. The POD device updates product quality according to the recorded temperature chart. Temperature and quality data can be read out by smart phone.